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The Gravity Tripod

“A new asset class in offshore wind”

“Innovative… There are many good aspects of the design that assist in methods of assembly and supply chain options”

The Gravity Tripod 3D

The Gravity Tripod

The Gravity Tripod™, globally patented, is an offshore subsea foundation structure designed to deliver up to 11.7% project cost reduction, to reduce project delivery times by up to 1/3 and create almost zero environmental impact.

The Gravity Tripod™ is a component base structure that benefits from the best aspects of other foundation concepts. It is a hydro-dynamic transparent structure which doesn’t require piling, is manufactured from low-cost tubular sections in a rapid assembly process and is installed with minimal seabed intervention.

The Gravity Tripod™ has two distinctive components that act together to ensure the structure has an extremely long design life (up to 100+ years) and is insensitive to turbine loads with a capacity of up to 25MWs. In addition, the structure has a low bearing pressure on the seabed and so is capable of accommodation a huge range of sediment types, with less seabed preparation required than other gravity-based designs.


Designed for 20m to 75m water depths


11.7% reduction in LCoE


Designed to last 100+ years

Key Benefits

11.7% reduction in LCoE

Lower capex & opex, and greatly reduced installation time


Reduced embedded carbon

1,200 tonnes of CO2 saved per structure compared with a Jacket


Noiseless construction

Zero piling creates near noiseless installation


Reduced project construction risk

No requirement for piling


Usable in up to 70m water depth

Scalable to greater depths