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Environmental Impact

subsea piling noise has a massive negative impact on marine mammals, fish and invertebrates

“Offshore wind is a huge tool to help the world de-carbonise, however it shouldn’t do further damage to achieve this aim”

Environmental Impact

The Gravity Tripod™ has been designed with minimising environmental impact and generating a biodiversity net gain at its heart. From initial design, materials used, installation, design life and decommissioning the Gravity Tripod™ has the ability to have a net-zero impact.

Prior to installation the Gravity Tripod™ requires no harmful seabed dredging, ensuring no existing habit destruction. The lack of requirement for piling ensures that marine life in all its forms has no negative impact due the tripod installation, mammals and fish are routinely deafened by piling leading to an inability to feed and thrive.

No piling, no dredging, no habitat destruction is reinforced by the use of lower embedded carbon concrete over traditional steel, environmental concrete also fosters marine habitat creation in and around the tripod. With a 100 year design life and a constant re-powering ability, the Gravity Tripod™ greatly increases lifespan and delivers significant environmental gain.

Three key facts to draw out below

Zero Piling

No seabed destruction


Zero Dredging

Existing seabed habitat remains


Reduced embedded carbon

Concrete structure greatly reduced steel usage