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Solutions based on insight and experience

OWLC Consulting was set up to provide consultancy services to the Offshore Wind industry based on the knowledge of and experience gained from considerable offshore construction, project management and planning across the Offshore Oil & Gas, Subsea Telecoms and from within the Offshore Wind industry itself. Offshore Wind projects worked on include:

  • London Array
  • Navitus Bay
  • Kentish Flats Extension
  • Walney Extension
  • East Anglia One

In addition we have worked on projects worldwide in Offshore Oil and Gas (including Kizomba A, Kizomba B and Block 18 amongst others) as well as Subsea Telecoms (including GlobeNet and Pan American Crossing amongst others).

The broad range and detailed knowledge of offshore construction activities, project development, commercial requirements, certification and insurance position, as well as an understanding of the finance requirements of project sponsors and investors, means OWLC Consulting has an unparalleled insight to project requirements from initiation to commissioning. That insight allows OWLC Consulting to advise clients how to, from the outset, optimise projects to facilitate delivery and reduce costs.

Our experience has shown that there is considerable value to be gained by clients through understanding how very low cost improvements a project’s early works can reduce overall costs, reduce risk and aid delivery. Among others these tasks include:

  • Ensuring survey data is taken, stored, processed and used to aid contracting and construction at the same time as consenting;
  • Understanding the project’s options when it comes to interface management, schedule and risk planning, as well as weather provisions within contracts and how early-stage works can identify the optimal strategy for a project; and
  • Early engagement with certification agencies, insurers and third parties to ensure projects are commercially co-ordinated at the point of tendering.

Company Expertise

OWLC Consulting has broad and detailed experience that we use to help clients across the full range of a project’s lifecycle from the earliest stages of planning, through design, tendering and contracting to construction. We tailor this expertise to ensure that our clients’ achieve projects at their desired cost and risk profile. Some details of the type of expertise in each aspect of the project’s lifecycle are detailed below.

Planning and Consenting

OWLC Consulting’s considerable planning and consenting experience spans from project identification to planning application. We specialise in utilising this experience to assist clients in understanding how early-stage decisions can have an effect on the later stages of delivery. Among others OWLC Consulting helps clients with:

  • Specification of site investigations to facilitate contracting and construction;
  • Preparation of project design documents for environmental impact assessments;
  • Consideration of the impact of early-stage design decisions on delivery and construction options later in the project lifecycle

Our work with clients on numerous projects has identified that the greatest value at the least cost can be leveraged at the earliest stage of a project’s lifecycle. It is unfortunately a too common occurrence that the lack of the right insight in a project’s earliest stages has led to very significant additional costs during construction.

In order to realise the maximum value for our clients’ projects, OWLC Consulting works in collaboration with them to ensure that project identification, initiation and consenting details are properly specified and that data and designs are properly captured, managed and used most efficiently. In addition, we work to ensure that the way in which these activities are linked to packages at the later stages of the project are clearly understood and captured within project planning.

Front End Engineering and Design/Interface/Planning and Risk Management

Our extensive engineering, interface, risk and planning experience has been built up from decades of offshore project work. It, in combination with our experience in tendering, contract negotiation and construction, has identified that clients can benefit considerably from understanding how front-end engineering can reduce costs and risks in the later stages of a project. Alongside the interface management work, best practice projects conduct sophisticated schedule risk and weather planning to ensure that construction proceeds as seamlessly as possible. Working with clients, we help them identify the best tools to fit with their corporate processes, in order to ensure that technical, schedule and contract interfaces as well as the risks and planning for the project are properly identified, specified, controlled and monitored.

Experience has shown that too often projects overlook this crucial stage, rushing to the tendering process only to find that the project then has to run simultaneous tendering and engineering processes leading to risks and costs being contractually built into the project.

OWLC Consulting’s aids clients to ensure that the project is ready for the tendering and contract negotiation phase. Our insight to the engineering interface requirements across multiple packages helps clients ensure that the project’s design and documentation is prepared for tendering and construction, to achieve the lowest cost and risk profile possible.

Tender Preparation/Contract Co-ordination/Tendering and Contract negotiation

We have a considerable track record in the taking projects from the engineering coordination phase through tendering and contract negotiation. Our expertise in the FEED/Interface/planning process has proven to be of considerable value to clients in the tendering process. We help clients ensure contracts are co-ordinated between packages as well as within the package/between the contractual conditions and the scopes of work/employer’s requirements.

We have identified that clients can benefit significantly by ensuring the contract is structured for offshore working and that the technical documents (be those rely upon data, design specifications, interfaces, programme or technical requirements) and contractual terms and conditions are well co-ordinated. In our experience all too often clients have relied upon the terms and conditions of a contract only to find that the project data or technical documentation have faults in them leading to significant costs for the project.

We assist clients in ensuring that the contract suite is selected for the aims of the project, has the relevant detail in relation of offshore construction issues such as weather, ground conditions and rely-upon data as well as issues such as vessel downtime.

Project Management and Contract Management

OWLC Consulting works with clients to optimise their projects according to the project management practices their organisation uses. We are familiar with a wide range of project management practices and have certification within the APM’s PRINCE2 Practitioner project management process.

Our experience in project management and contract management mirrors our experience of preparing projects for construction, on numerous projects we have found clients benefit from early stage preparation to ensure effective control and delivery of projects in the later stages.

Key Personnel

OWLC Consulting is a small, but growing, business. We deliver our services through the use of internal personnel who have decades of experience across Offshore Wind, Offshore Oil & Gas and Subsea Telecoms industries. In addition, we work with partners and associates to ensure that clients’ needs are met as fully as possible. Our partners and associates have considerable experience in planning, project delivery, offshore construction, client representation and contract management amongst other aspects.