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Gravity Tripod Installation

About OWLC

Solutions based on insight and experience

OWLC was set up to provide innovative solutions and consultancy services to the Offshore Wind industry based on the knowledge of and experience gained from considerable offshore construction projects, project management and planning

Offshore Wind Logistics & Construction

OWLC is a UK based renewable energy disrupter founded with one very simple, yet very audacious, goal – to reduce the cost of energy. Both the financial cost to the consumer and the environmental cost to the world we all live in.

OWLC’s innovation is the Gravity Tripod™, a unique and globally patented, offshore subsea foundation structure designed to deliver, on average, an 11.4% reduction in the cost of electricity generated by offshore wind. The Gravity Tripod™ has been developed in partnership with the industry’s leading authorities, including Arup, DNV, Cambridge University, and Fuchs Europoles.

Formed in 2018, OWLC has provided the global offshore wind industry with a product able to minimise lead-times for offshore wind turbine deployment and accelerate global de-carbonisation. With no requirement to drive piles, little or no seabed preparation and the use of concrete in place of steal, the Gravity Tripod™ delivers an offshore wind solution that is quicker, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than traditional monopiles.

The Gravity Tripod™ is available to start reducing the worlds carbon emissions today.

Based in the UK, but with representatives in major offshore wind markets, OWLC is uniquely well placed to transform the offshore wind market and reduce the cost of energy globally.